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We try to help as much as we possibly can to arrange affordable and reliable transportation for your horse adopted from LHR. We do NOT transport ourselves, but we have contact information of over 180 haulers across the US and Canada....





To figure out the approx. transportation fee for each horse:

  • Please go to www.mapquest.com
  • Enter your ZIP code and the ZIP code of the horse's current location
  • Multiply the miles (distance) with $0.60
  • ....that's all.

Sometimes we manage to find lower rates than $0.60 per mile - it all depends on destination and timing !!


During busy times we arrange full loads going to one area of the US, which keeps the transportation fees very, very low. PLEASE check for any scheduled loads under SCHEDULED TRANSPORTS.

However, arranging transportation and getting hauling quotes on a daily basis is very time-consuming, so we ask you to submit an adoption questionnaire first to get pre-approved, and then we are more than willing to invest all the time needed to get you as many quotes as possible prior to adoption.

If you're not ready to submit an adoption questionnaire, then please feel free to get a quote yourself - the list of websites below should be of great help to you. Or you can contact one of the haulers listed under LIST OF HAULERS. But please remember - don't get discouraged if the quotes start out very high - it takes quite a bit of patience to find a suitable hauler with affordable fees and an acceptable pick-up date....


Please check to find out the requirements for importing a horse into your State:

U.S. State and Territory Animal Import Regulations