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Why no non-profit status

Well, several people have asked us about the non-profit status of this "Private Rescue Mission", and we have to tell you that so far we have successfully avoided to get involved in this bureaucratic mambo-jambo for the following reasons:

1) It takes a lot of time, money and extensive paperwork to apply for and to keep the non-profit status. Time and money that we're simply not willing to sacrifice at this point.

2) Politics usually get in the way.... A few years ago, both of us used to be part of a non-profit Animal-Shelter for quite some time. And just like with so many other "organizations", politics take over sooner or later and people simply lose sight of what's really important - THE ANIMALS.
If I'm not mistaking, a non-profit organization is required to have a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and a Board of Directors. Board meetings, minutes, etc. are required as well - lots of time is wasted on these things which would take away from the actual care of the horses and the rescue-processes in itself.

3) Authority and decision-power is another issue.... It is still OUR personal money that's "invested" here. It is OUR property, OUR barn, OUR equipment, OUR time and OUR emotions that we are "working" with, and we're not willing to allow somebody else to tell us how to "run" this rescue - which horses to take in, which homes to adopt to, what the adoption requirements are, etc., etc. We do what we need to do to help as many horses as we can, and we always do what we think is right - we don't need anybody else telling us what to do and how to do it !

4) And last but not least - this Private Rescue is obviously not for profit - at least not for financial profit. And any "emotional gain" is not yet taxable. We do keep books on everything that has to do with this Horse Rescue, and we don't have any problems showing these figures to people who are interested.

We hope this statement makes sense to most of you - at least to the ones who have been involved with "Non-Profits" before....