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Why no non-profit status

It will help us A LOT with taking in new horses if we know what to look for at PMU farms, auctions or feedlots....  It will speed the adoption process up if we already have homes waiting - and that will actually help to save more horses in the long-run.
Well, and it will obviously help the adopters on the list to actually get the horse they really want - at least as close as it is possible among rescues.

So - IF YOU ARE READY TO GET PRE-APPROVED FOR ADOPTION, IF YOU KNOW WHAT KIND OF HORSE YOU ARE LOOKING FOR, AND IF YOU ARE READY TO ADOPT, then please submit the form below. (Please make sure you enter the correct e-mail address - if there is a spelling error, we will have NO way of contacting you.)

After we receive your information, we will send you an adoption questionnaire so you can get pre-approved for adoption. And as soon as you are pre-approved, we will contact you with further details, and hopefully get the pre-adoption process started.