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(NOTE: Even though we are closed as of 10/1/2008, we will still consider taking in animals, but only 1 or 2 at a time, and only in true emergency situations. It is time for horse owners to finally take responsibility for their own animals - if you can't keep a horse anymore, try to find a GOOD and QUALIFIED home for it, and if you can't succeed, please consider to have your horse humanly euthanized by a Vet. Your horse worked and respected you all this time, sometimes his/her whole life, now please return the favor and show some kindness. Don't just DUMP your horse at an auction, with a horse dealer or a kill-buyer - he or she deserves better than that !!)

If you can no longer keep your horse, or if you know of a horse that is possibly being abused, neglected, starved, going to auction/slaughter or the owner can simply no longer care for the horse, please submit the form below or contact us via e-mail right away at horses@lazyhorseranch.org

IN CASES OF NEGLECT OR ABUSE, please file a report here: REPORT ABUSE

Even though we "specialize" in draft-horses and draft-crosses, we would NEVER look the other way if another horse (or any other animal) needs our help !!!

We will drive a reasonable distance for pick-up, or we will arrange transportation to SD or to a qualified foster-home as soon as possible.

The information you provide us will be handled confidentially and nobody will ever know about it if you don't want us to tell !!