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We have some permanent residents (and/or horses in rehab) that would benefit greatly from a different climate, daily handling/attention, training, rehab, etc. For different reasons, we are not willing to adopt them out and transfer ownership, but we would be happy to send them temporarily (long term) to qualified and committed foster-homes so they could get the attention, handling and training they need, and we currently can't give them. If you are interested to have a horse in your life, home and heart, but aren't able or ready to commit to adoption, this new program might be perfect for you and one of our PERMANENT RESIDENTS / HORSES IN REHAB......


This is the usual form of adoption - within 1-2 weeks after the verbal agreement, the adoption agreement has to be signed and submitted, and the adoption fee paid. (The horse will NOT be reserved until the contract is signed and the deposit / adoption fee is paid).

NOTE: In the event that multiple pre-approved homes apply for the same horse, the one willing and able to commit to INSTANT ADOPTION will have the better chances...


This "program" might help out everybody who wants to adopt a horse that isn't quite ready to go yet - due to very young age (foals that are still nursing), pregnancy, illness, rehab, or similar situations. In very rare cases, depending on our current occupancy rate, this might also be helpful to somebody who can't come up with the total adoption fee at once, or who wants to adopt a horse but simply isn't ready to take it in yet. 

You would agree to adopt a horse, send weekly or monthly payments towards the adoption fee and towards the care of the horse while it remains here at Lazy Horse Ranch, and once the adoption fee is paid in full, and you are ready to take over, the horse can be picked up and move to his/her final home. Please keep in mind that the adoption fee will be established up front, but while I can try to estimate the total cost of care in advance, in some rare cases it's possible that the amount would have to be adjusted slightly after a period of time - depending on extra bills or special care necessary for that horse.

The total adoption fee for SPONSOR-TO-ADOPT is usually slightly higher.


This program is only available for certain hard-to-place horses. You would agree to adopt the horse, pay for the adoption fee and transport and have a limited time after arrival to decide if you want to keep the horse, of if you would rather return it to LHR for a full refund of the adoption fee. In that event, you would be out all transportation- and maintenance fees, and would agree to foster the horse and wait for the refund until a permanent home can be found. This program helps hard-to-place horses, and also adopters who have limited trust in "online adoptions" and want to limit their risk....


Make a donation to help take care of the injured, pregnant, recovering or un-adopted horses. Sending a financial contribution or donating an item off the "wish list" below, would be very much appreciated !! Your donation enables LAZY HORSE RANCH to care for these horses in need, while allowing us to use the adoption fees to get more horses that would potentially be headed to slaughter, auction and/or remain in neglectful, abusive or other unfortunate situations.

If you would like to sponsor a certain horse (horses in rehab, long-term residents or unadopted horses) for a longer period of time, please let me know and I will make sure to send you regular updates and photos !!


  • Wormers (ANY - we ususally use Equimax, Quest Plus, Ivermectin)
  • Vaccines (6-way and West-Nile-Virus)
  • "Mare-Plus" Supplement
  • "Red Cell" Supplement
  • "Corta-Flx" Supplement
  • Other Iron-, Vitamin-, Probiotic Supplements
  • Medicated Shampoo
  • Show-Sheen or similar product
  • Lice-duster, Fly-Spray (Endure) or Spot-On (any kind)
  • Hardware like quick-links, snaps, tie-rings, bucket holders, chains, etc.


If you are unable to adopt a horse now, but want to help with a monetary donation to increase the chances of a certain horse, please do so. All adoption-fees reflect the expenses occurred for each horse. Sometimes the adoption fees happen to be so high that the horse's chances of getting adopted are very slim, so if we could raise funds towards the adoption fee of a certain horse, their chances of getting adopted would increase tremendously....


Sometimes, we are in desperate need of "Refundable Sponsorships". Those sponsorships are NOT donations, but "private loans".... You would either let us use your funds to save a horse, rehabilitate it and adopt it out, and you would get repaid in full by the adoption fee of that horse. Or, sometimes we stumble across a "perfect match", and find the perfect home for a certain horse, and the only thing preventing a successful adoption is time and money.... Sadly, we are in no position to consider "payment plans" (over 50% of all inquiries ask for payment plans), but if we could match up a sponsor, an adopter and a horse, we could make so many more adoptions happen - successfully !!!!


Here is a GREAT idea for everyone who is uncertain if and/or which horse they would like to adopt....

If you feel that you would like to adopt a draft-horse, but can't make your decision without seeing more photos and getting more details about their temperament, size, etc., then this opportunity would be perfect for you:

1. Submit an adoption questionnaire to get pre-approved.

2. Send in the signed "sponsor-to-adopt" agreement along with the adoption-fee.

3. With these funds we go and rescue new horses, and after they arrive here, you will be provided with lots of photos and details about each horse.

4. Make your decision and finalize the adoption.

5. IMPORTANT: If you decide at that time that you don't want to adopt at all, your agreement would be handled as a regular refundable sponsorship, and the entire amount will be refunded to you after one of the horses gets adopted.

In case of an adoption, your horse can be boarded here until you're ready, or until suitable transportation can be arranged.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND: The lives of thousands of horses are in jeopardy - we are trying anything and everything to save as many as possible, and to find them loving and caring homes for life.

This program is just one more possibility to save a life without any risk involved.....

FOSTER-TO-ADOPT  -  No longer available !

This program is only available for hard-to-place horses, pregnant horses or horses in need of rehab, that we would like to place in a foster home anyway. You would agree to foster a certain horse, pay for the transport and have the opportunity to adopt the horse within a certain timeframe after arrival. If you decide not to adopt, the horse would remain in your care until adopted by someone else, and the transportation fee would be refunded to you IF covered by the final adoption fee.

NOTE: Due to very, very disappointing experiences with this program, we no longer offer this option. Sorry.      The next-best-thing would be the SPONSOR-TO-ADOPT program under # 2.

NOTE in regards to PAYMENT PLANS:

Sorry - we can NOT agree to "payment plans" anymore. Several adopters have taken advantage of us financially and caused us a lot of headaches, stress and financial hardship due to payments sent late or not at all.... So a few "bad ones" have ruined this option for everybody else. Some people just don't seem to understand that we solely rely on adoption fees to keep this rescue going, that we are not rich, we are not a bank nor a charity for people - we are here to help the horses, that's it. However, is cash is not readily available, there is always the possibility of credit-card payments via PayPal... Or the possibility of sponsor-to-adopt while the horse remains in our or foster care for a small boarding fee. We hope for your understanding...