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Jennifer - 10/15/2007: Try (if financially possible) to give the mare 1
Adequan shot per month. It'll work within 6
months. I have a Clydesdale mare that was almost
completely lame due to severe scratches on all of her
legs and artheritis issues in her right hock. I
was told to put the horse down but refused to. We
cleaned her front legs from the scratches and I
put her on Adequan for 8 months. She's doing
great, no more lameness issues. If you buy a package
of 7 vials it usually costs between $300-$350 but
it's worth it and usually cheaper and lower
maintenance than the daily joint supplements where you
have to worry whether or not they actually eat
it.            Jen

Anne - 11/03/2006: I was reading in your Diet and Health information a Diet which is Low in Carbohydrates(strach) yet higher in Essential Fats: is best such as Corn Oil; Soy Oil. In the Wild an Ancestral Horse would have eaten heaps of Oil bearing seeds each day; such as Wild Sunflower Seeds; Wild Flax-seeds; Rose-hips(seeds). I would recommend adding a good Oil for Quincy at your recommended dosage of 1-2 cups daily; if not already being added. "Soybean Oil is also high in Vitamin E. In addition; Coconut Oil (in Uclele's Coco-Soya Oil) has a beneficial effect on any Mammel's Thyroid-function; esp. in the older Mares; All Horses could benfit .Apparantly Horses love the flavor of Uclele's Coco-Soya-Oil which is good for finnicky eaters.  Rice-Bran Oil is another good Oil Low-Carb Feeds can be purchased also from www.horse.purinamills.com. AnneH usa.