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* * * *  A D O P T E D  * * * *

  • 10-yo pure-bred SHIRE
  • Approx. 17+ hands
  • White (gray)
  • Extremely gentle, calm and willing - great family horse
  • Very well trained to ride and drive
  • He has a severe case of scratches that requires daily attention
  • He has been improving steadily since treatment was started !!
  • His condition is NOT contagious
  • Wonderful, caring Vet is willing to sponsor and "coach" his treatment !!
  • (Please read info below photo)
  • To experienced home with pasture (and dry areas) only.
  • Quincy was born and raised WAY up north
  • Used to cold weather and lush pastures
  • Should stay in a colder, DRY climate and DRY environment...
  • ...to keep scratches under control.
  • More PHOTOS - click here:   **QUINCY**

01-30-2006  Quincy in his winter-coat, being ridden by a child. Quincy has gained a lot of weight since then....

Remarks from the SPONSOR-VET:

I can and will help, but you need to know I am the Homeopath at my own clinic, and together with our equine vet at the clinic we will both be working on his case.

I was going to adopted him, but I thought he would be better in a dry climate. Vancouver has 6 months of rain and mud but I am very hopeful with the right treatment, climate and care he could improve greatly. 

We are a holistic clinic and our treatment differs greatly to conventional practise, so you would need to be fine with that.
One thing we would not want is Quincy to be vaccinated anymore, we would tweak his diet and put him on homeopathics and nutricuticals. We would not charge for the treatment, but you would need to follow it and be totally committed to it and him.

He is such a beautiful horse and needs a chance, but you need to be comfortable with his issues...

Yours truly,

      Julie Anne Lee DCH

Quincy's rear legs - photo taken in June or July

Quincy's right rear leg - photo taken on 08-20-2006

Quincy's left rear leg - photo taken on 08-20-2006

Quincy's left rear leg is worse than his right rear. Kathy (foster-mom in AB) was very successful in bringing the swelling down tremendously in the meantime. If you would like to know any details, please contact horses@lazyhorseranch.org and I will put you in touch with Kathy and/or Julie.........

If you ask 10 people about "Scratches", you will get at least 11 different opinions.... That is why here are some comments, advice and suggestions I would like to share:

Anne - 11/01/2006: IMO These Hoof problems are caused by a certain form of MalNutrition. The form of MalNutrition that I belived Quicny has is called *Scurvy. Scurvy is *A Deficiency of Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid. I know that is it generally accepted that Horses do not need extra Vitamin C. I however dispute this because: "One of the Signs of A Vitamin C Deficiency is: "hemmoraging.  If you look closely at Quincy's feet you will see this case can be described as a type: "tiny little blood vessel and other types of small blood hemmoraging. AND IT IS MY OPINION TO GIVE QUINCY A DAILY HORSE'S DOSE OF VITAMIN C AND I PREDICT HIS HOOVES WILL BEGIN TO HEAL AT A FASTER RATE. Vitamin C can be purchased for Horses(www.uckele.com) OR ROSE-HIPS added to the Horses Diet. Either way this Horse needs EXTRA VIT. C.  You could also get an Equine Nutritional Feed Supplement with Vitamin C in it.     Anne.            PS Horse Puriana Mills.com ssells Equine Nutriional Feeds. I have no affilaiton with.       Summary: Increase Quincy's levels of Vitamin C with Rose-Hips Herbs or Pure Vti. C. (I can answer any questions on Natural treatmenst for Horses if any one is interested)."Anne/ no sales just free advive for Aniamls.  (Vitamin C is also called Ascorbic Acid.

Anne - 11/01/2006: The other method of Treatment is: *Magnesium as Epsoms's Salts soaking each Hoof and/or *Magnesium as a Supplement; not sure which type of Magnesium is best. "Use internal Magneisum sparingly to prevent loose bowels. YOU GET WELL QUINCY!

Anne - 11/01/2006: P.S.: You may receive comments from people such as : Horses do not need extra Vit. C. - Vitamin C for horses is controversial because most Vets say horses make their own. However; it is just a "theory horses don't need extra Vitamin C. It is worth a try.    If you want info for yourselves on *Vitamin C for Horses you can contact Brian www.uckele.com . I have no affiliation with any Co, nor do I sell any products. I just love horses and am intersted in nutriton anyway. Rose-Hips from www.herbalcom.com. Vitamin C is very inexpensive; $15 for 5 lbs./use 1 tsp. daily!  You can also order Vitamin C in bulk from www.herbalcom.com and Rose-Hips, etc.

Lindsey - 10/31/2006: Hi, my name is Lindsey.  I am a Theta Healing Practitioner that specializes in working with Animals. Particularly horses.  I am offering my time to work with your horses, in order to make it easier to find them homes.  I can work with the abuse and the case of scratches.  If you are interested, please let me know.  I can answer any questions and explain exactly how this works.  It is truly miraculous work and I have some pretty amazing cases to share with you.  I look forward to speaking with you soon.
Sincerly, Lindsey R. Blass

Anne - 11/03/2006: The only other thought I had was: Maybe apply a thin film of pure Vaseline lightly on the affected areas to keep the air moist to heal from the 'scurvy (a Vit. C Deficiency) and to prevent any air-borne bacteria or germ from entering Quincy's affected areas. Thanks. And regards to Quincy the White Draft Horse looking for a permanent stable.