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* * * *  A D O P T E D  * * * *

  • Percheron Mare (probably 3/4 Percheron)
  • Dapple-Grey
  • Approx. 13-14 years old
  • Blind in one eye, possibly going blind in 2nd eye
  • PMU mare
  • Rescued in 2007
  • Now needs to be re-homed ASAP
  • Was halter-trained and handled after adoption in January-2007....
  • .... has regressed now due to lack of handling in the past 6-8 months.
  • Last vaccinated: 5-30-2007
  • Last trimmed: ??
  • Current Coggins test and health certificate




(1/20/2007) .... Even with the back of the trailer wide open to her new paddock, she was too afraid to come out, but was finally urged to step into her new life.  I spent a couple of freezing hours with her just speaking softly and finally, was able to lightly touch her shoulder.  Enough for the first night... 

Every day after that, I spent two to four hours a day with her just 'being' there and saw those solid walls start to melt. Little by little, she gave me her trust and little by little began returning my unconditional love.  I remember the first time she greeted me with a nicker and tears flooded my eyes. 

Slowly I introduced her to a brush and to her delight, found out that it really felt very good.  Together, we explored her favorite 'scratch me here' places and our bond grew stronger day by day.  Tiny steps were all it took to help build trust.  Finally, she let me take off her old halter with her old number '22' tagged to it.  This final shedding of her past was symbolic and the only way to go from here was together.  To me she was a beautiful dream horse and the name I gave her was 'Feather'.  A lovely spirit, free on the breeze, difficult to capture but once gently in my hand, a wonder to behold. 

Spring was finally here and grass started to green up.  I decided it was time to take Feather out of her paddock and let her eat the yummy new shoots.  At first, she was unsure and many times bolted away, but each time stopped closer to me.  With time, she was content to easily move around from grass patch to grass patch with me.  I was so happy with her progress and willingness to trust a human after all she had been through.  She would follow me around her paddock and tuck her head under my arm, waiting for the halter because that meant she could go out and eat grass for a couple of hours with me tagging along. 

Feather looked forward to the daily routine and learned to enjoy treats and the special grain I fed her.  Our bond was growing ever stronger and I felt so fortunate to have been the one to give her a chance at a good life.  She was showing me that her trust was growing stronger by following me around outside the paddock and turning to me when she was unsure of new things. Her blind eye meant that I had to modify things and always talked to her when on the blind side so she knew where I was.  Soon, it became second nature and she relaxed even more, knowing that I would never surprise or startle her. Soon, she seemed to intuitively know where I was. 

As of this writing, Feather has been with me for a little over four months .... People who were there when Feather arrived still can't believe how she has turned around so quickly in her attitude toward humans.  All she needed was a chance. 

People might think that only saving one of these special horses isn't going to make a difference, but it makes a big difference to them.  Rescue horses have lived 'the other side' and know what bad times are.  Give them a piece of your heart and your love will fan the tiny spark of trust, kindled with patience and commitment.  Just spend time 'being' with them and discover the flickering flame, hungry for your understanding, grow into a warm and cozy glow.

From the wonderful letter above, to the one below - not even 14 months have passed, and I don't know what happened to this person who seemed to be the most understanding and caring adopter ever !?


This is very hard for me, but I'm going to have to give Lady back.  We have run into some trying financial difficulty, with the car breaking down so badly it had to be replaced, to emergency home repairs.  This tears my heart out, but the reality is, I cannot afford the board and my husband is now not able to help as our reserve is gone and then some.

I have only been able to afford to get out to see her twice this summer, but I did make it out to see her a few days ago.  Feather is absolutely gorgeous but because I haven't been able to get out there and spend time with her like I used to, has not had her shots yet.  No one can get it done.  She also needs to be wormed again.  There is also concern that she has a spot on the good eye, and may be going blind on that side too.  S. expressed that she wasn't sure just how safe it would be for Feather or anyone having to move her to other pasture or give shots as she could become inadvertently dangerous.  Also, since this is a breeding farm, there are horses coming and going....for training, riding lessons and the like.  It would be terrible for Feather to contract anything from possible carriers of (?) and become ill.

I would really be grateful if they could be picked up before the first.  I know it is short notice and if that's not possible, I'm sure S. would pro-rate the board for me. ........